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Snatches from a week

Monday? What's Monday?
Tuesday the wives of the Miama Five came into work to tell us about the ongoing campaigm to free their unjustly imprisoned husbands, Cubans who were in Miami to work with the US in infiltrating the Mafia Cuban exile community and who were then betrayed and sent to jail as spies.
Then I made barley risotto for tea. Yum.
Wednesday Peter, Anne-Marthe and I all went to City Hall - or the mayor's testicle as we like to call it - for Ken Livingstone's Peace Reception. Kate Hudson from CND and Lindsay German from Respect/SWP spoke. Cindy Sheeham, mother of a soldier killed in Iraq and who took up a vigil outside the White House, made a most stirring speech. She's such a natural at speaking and it's really refreshing to hear those opinions — that it's not the Iraqis to blame but her own usurping government - coming out of the mouth of a US citizen who could have eaily swallowed Bush's line.
Brian Eno and Brett Anderson were there too. I met a girl who works at CND and she's really into psytrance too. She goes to all the same parties as me and she's really involved with Synergy Project (she reckons they'll get over the ticket scam). And she's going to Omniscience Saturday.
Got rat-arsed on free wine, meaning I had to make a beeline for the greasy spoon Thursday morning. Anyone that says a full English (or half an English in my case cos I couldn't afford everything) isn't the best hangover cure in the world is a big fat lier.
I saw two really burly looking builders sitting by the canal today cooing at the pair of swans who live there and feeding them bits of their sandwiches. They stopped and tried to look all butch as I cycled past. Aah
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Dammit! I hate being ripped off. I had to buy something from the kiosk in Shadwell so I had enough change for the bus and, just as I was getting something, the bus came, so I grabbed my change and went. I did look at my change when the bloke gave it to me, but it didn't quite register until I'd walked off that he'd given me £17.10 change from £20 for a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar. That's £1.45 each! Right, I'm going back there later.

Well, my bike was still in Mile End, untouched, so I walked it to the bike shop to be fixed by the sully, army surplus-clad lesbian couple in the bike shop. A rainbow was shining over the Bangladeshi centre and a really old couple walked past, smiling and holding hands.
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Pants and more pants...

Went to see Infected Mushroom on Saturday...
What a let-down! Call yourself psy? My grandad's more psy than you'll ever be! I think i'm having decent-psy-withdrawal symptoms. Must ask Snafu when he's playing next.
Got a flat tyre on my bike on the way back, so couldn't get anywhere for two days while it was being fixed. Got it fixed today and got another flat tyre on the way back from work. Had to abandon it in the dodgiest part of Mile End and get the bus. Wonder if it'll still be in one piece tomorrow.